Dear Multidimensional Stars,

I am delighted to share a personal message

with you about my Divine Co-Creations.

All in Divine alignment and

through my connection with Source.

Multidimensional Artist

⭐️Alana Starlight ⭐️

I have been guided to use one

of my spiritual names “Alana”.

Alana is a name I received after

fully activating my light body.

It was when I completed the

illuminated tree of life,

as above so below.

The merge of the Goddess

Gaia and the Greenman .

A divine Union of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

Full embodiment of my multidimensional aspects and galactic self on all the dimensions in our Universe. 


“All Ana” refers to being fully

aligned with the Universal

Goddess Ana in connection to Source.

“Star” is a reference to my

stellar Star body and being

a super hybrid Starseed,

one of the Master root races.

“Light” refers to my multidimensional talent as a light weaver.

A message received from my Multidimensional self.


Translation of Energy

It is through my artwork

that I translate universal

energy into creation.



This spiritual name empowers

me and supports my (he)Artwork.

All in co-creation with the

Universe and our

Multidimensional selves.

It is one of my missions to

bring through Multidimensional

aspects with the purpose

to connect, integrate

and to help you access your

multidimensional talents and missions.

We have entered a period of evolution,

a time to accelerate into our true being and

to start living our full potential.

With Infinite Love,

Alana ⭐️ Starlight

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